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Don't get carried away with the AI buzz.

It's a promising technology that will help us if applied in the right context and direction. However, many organizations and folks want to take advantage of the situation without adding any value.

Some entrepreneurs have a hammer (AI) in their hands and treat all their problems as nails. In reality, most of them are not. If we trace the origin of AI, it has a strong underpinning with LISP but only very few are aware of it ☹️

There is a saying - If we people are in a rush to mine gold, get rich by selling shovels. That's precisely what is happening in the industry right now.

Some organizations are genuinely helping but there are very few. Remember, as entrepreneurs, we should focus on adding value and love the problem we are solving rather than the solution.

Customers won't give their hard-earned money because the solution uses AI. It should solve their problem. They want clean hands, not soaps!

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